MEROCOAT is a Felt wool handicrafts manufacturer company founded with the ambition of promoting Nepal wool felt handicraft products and empowering unemployed rural women  through sustainable livelihoods.
At MEROCOAT there is strong bond within our workforce to fulfill task collectively, and to safeguard Clients order distinctively. The greater part of individuals we recruit have no conventional instruction, but they are guided by a team of experts, and their fair pay is our foremost priority. The Artisans are a diverse group and they have a reflective attitude within working communnity, and with sensible logic:
  • They get to be creative while making something beautiful that humans will use in their lives everyday.
  • The time it takes them to do what they love is rewarded by being paid well enough to take care of family responsibiality confidently.
  • Their skills are respected and valued at the same time, they love their task to engage on customer satisfaction orders, because they know they’re helping create an economy where everyone can participate in creating things of beauty that last a lifetime and enrich lives daily. This isn’t just a job to them—it’s a way of life.

Fair Trade: Ethically sourced high-quality products

The more buyers respond with the course of action on products, will be easier to make changes in ways to run the global economy with sources for fair trade. The fair trade movement has been growing rapidly since the 1990s, particularly among younger people and women, as many have become aware of the negative effects of conventional international trade on farmers' and workers' lives and environments, especially in developing countries in South Asia, where they tend to be concentrated. For example, this may include a number of issues in Nepal (e.g., lack of knowledge of health risks, poor living conditions, social deprivation, food-related problems, etc.). At MEROCOAT, we are backed by consumers, who engage actively in supporting products and workers and participating in fair trade policy. We ensure that all our products entering the market are made in a manner that is respectful to human rights (childfree & forced labor) and the environment, as well as making a financial contribution to the communities producing them, so they can afford decent wages and improved living conditions for their families.

Get your free sample approved within 5-7 days.

Get sample within 5 working days: The samples should be supported inside 30 workdays after quality control and other testing customs to affirm the request for the shipment. If you are not happy with the samples made for you, we will discount the sum that was paid for the examples upon demand as long as you give confirmation of the installment by means of email or mail (invoices/receipts) in no less than 30 days of getting the example dismissal note.

We ensure that the sample will be actually similar to the item in stock, yet assuming it is unique in relation to what you expected, kindly reach us through email or call our client support number at +977-9828761364 and we will assist you with picking a more comparable item founded on your necessities before before we transfer out your ordered Return Policy: You can return any item(s) you would rather not buy from us in the span of 7 days for nothing the day that we accept your request.

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