Procedure for importing goods to your countries may vary as per custom rules and regulation of  your country, but general procedure for importing handcrafted products from Nepal to Europe and America are as f0llows:

  1. Contact a reliable freight forwarder or customs broker who can guide you through the process of importing from Nepal to your desired destination.
  2. Provide your Nepal supplier with the necessary documents such as airway bill/bill of landing, certificate of origin and invoice. Make sure that the supplier has provided accurate and complete information in these documents.
  3. Determine the customs duties, taxes and fees that will be applicable for the imported goods based on the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes for handcrafted products.
  4. Verify that the imported goods comply with the regulations and standards of the importing country. Depending on the product type and country, this may include compliance with safety, health, environmental or other regulations.
  5. Obtain the necessary permits, licenses or certifications for importing the handcrafted products into the destination country. This may include obtaining an import license, registering with customs authorities, or obtaining specific product certifications.
  6. Arrange for transportation of the handcrafted products from Nepal to the destination country. This may involve selecting a shipping method, such as air or sea freight, and arranging for delivery to the port of departure in Nepal.
  7. Coordinate with the freight forwarder or customs broker to clear the handcrafted products through customs and pay any applicable duties or taxes. This may require submitting the necessary documentation, such as the airway bill/bill of landing, certificate of origin and invoice.
  8. Arrange for delivery of the handcrafted products to your desired destination, such as a warehouse or retail store.
  9. Finally, inspect the handcrafted products to ensure they meet your quality standards before distributing or selling them.
  10. It’s important to note that the specific requirements and procedures for importing handcrafted products may vary depending on the type of product, importing country, and other factors. Therefore, it’s important to consult with a trusted freight forwarder or customs broker who can provide tailored advice for your specific needs.

If you do not have your own importing companies or unable to connect any agents in importing countries then leave it to us.

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